Recommendations from the EU Action Plan

Educate children about nutrition and healthy lifestyle; Introduce awareness raising activities e.g. school gardens or food preparing kitchens; Introduce nutritional training to all school staff; Integrate nutrition education aspects into the curriculum; Introduce practical cooking classes; Order mandatory nutritional education to school kitchen staff (license to prepare school food); Create a healthy school environment that promotes healthy eating and sufficient physical activity

Ideas from JANPA

Organize tasting sessions (France, Italy); Handle all school-based activities as part of an extended education curriculum (interviewee); Educate children about adequate sleep duration and stress management as part of a healthy lifestyle (Germany); Provide specific and practical advices for parents such as healthy recipes or suggestions on healthy lunchboxes (Ireland); The healthy approach must be incorporated in the education of teachers (Hungary); Introduce nutrition in the basic training of primary school teachers (France); Engage the media in awareness raising and educational campaigns (Slovakia); Integrate nutritional education into everyday life of all children (interviewee); Increase the number of teachers and give them enough time for health promoting activities (interviewee).

Programmes and policies from JANPA