Provide easy access to the healthy options and eliminate unhealthy foods

Recommendations from the EU Action Plan 

Provide quality standards (e.g. a products catalogue) for the foods and meals to be sold or provided in kindergartens and schools; Meals and foods must comply with national nutrient recommendations and guidelines on portion sizes; Promote the intake of water; Limit the intake of sweetened beverages;  Ban vending machines in schools where meals are proposed; Ban vending machines with soft drinks in schools where no meals are proposed; Ensure free supply of fresh drinking water in schools through e.g. installation of water fountains; Promote tap water; Distribute freely healthy foods including fruit and vegetables focusing on disadvantaged areas; Develop a sign posting scheme promoting the healthy options in school premises including vending machines, canteens or at school lunch; Implement the EU School Fruit Scheme, School Milk Scheme and New School Scheme.

Ideas from JANPA

Do not allow cacao and other flavoured milk in schools (Luxembourg); Ensure that healthy nutrition is the most important aspect to consider in public procurement of food (Bulgaria); Introduce a legislation on public catering to regulate the quality of school meals by law (Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary); Impose a statutory restriction on the availability of HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar) foods and drinks in vending machines, school canteens and school shops with government-led, transparent monitoring of compliance and adequate sanctions for noncompliance (Greece, Hungary, Latvia); Mandatory ban of vending machines to avoid unhealthy snacking at school (France)

Programmes and policies from JANPA