Restrict marketing and advertising to children

Recommendations from the EU Action Plan

Ensure that schools and childcare facilities are free from marketing of less healthy food and drink options, and during any sporting and cultural activities that are held on these premises; Do not allow any sponsorship by food and drink companies in schools; Ensure that kindergartens and schools and other places for children are protected environments and free from marketing of less healthy foods and drinks.

Ideas from JANPA

Although ‘Commercial marketing of foods’ was perceived as the major barrier for childhood obesity prevention in the WP6 web-based survey completed by 187 respondents from 12 countries, none of the selected Good Practices addressed this aspect. This finding should have implications for the future work in childhood obesity prevention.

What is “less healthy”?

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe Nutrient Profile Model is a tool to classify food and drink products that contain excess sugar, salt, and fat. It has been specifically designed for the purpose of restricting the marketing of foods to children.The nutrients and criteria were defined by a series of consultations with Member States.