Education on Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

Bulgaria: The Ministry of Education is responsible for the education curriculum. Some general points related to food and healthy nutrition is in the curriculum.

Estonia: There is a mandatory health education subject at school and healthy habits are part of that. Nutrition education is part of national curriculum in primary and secondary schools since 2002 (subject syllabus “Health education”), and of national preschool education curriculum in kindergartens (since 1999); new curriculum and subject syllabus currently under development.

France: Education on food and nutrition can be found at various levels.

Germany: Varied by Federal States.

Greece: Nutrition education is part of the curriculum during the first years of lower secondary education (“Gymnasion” – 12-15 years of age) as part of the “Home economics” subject.

Ireland: It is a part of related guidelines to teach about food and nutrition, but the guidelines are voluntary.

Latvia: Food and nutrition is a part of different curricula at schools (Social sciences, Health education, Domestic sciences, Biology, etc.). Teacher training in the promotion of healthy nutrition is provided.

Luxembourg: The national programme: Gesond iessen, mei bewegen (GIMB – Eat healthier, move more) is an interministerial initiative between the Ministries of Health – Education – Sports and family. This approach opened a very strong collaboration with kindergartens – day care centers – schools and youth centers to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity. Actions aiming at improving not only the knowledge of the children, but also their competencies and the opportunities to make the healthiest choice the easiest one for all children and adolescents. In addition, national educational curriculum includes optional hours of health education.

Malta: Mandatory only in public schools; voluntary in private schools.

Romania: Nutrition is part of the curriculum, but as part of the Health Education class, that is an optional class - each school can opt in or out in having this class.

Slovakia: Nutrition education is optional and voluntary.

Slovenia: Nutrition education is part of mandatory curriculum in kindergartens and primary schools, in secondary school nutrition topics are involved in natural sciences subjects (more specific just in technical schools where relevant).

Spain: Law 17/2011, of 5 July 2011, about food safety and nutrition (article 40) reflects the inclusion of content aimed at prevention and awareness of the benefits of balanced nutrition in teacher training plans.